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Zippo遊び (火遊びぢゃないよ)解説編

Old rusty squeeze lighter restoration. Got FOOLED on ebay


シンプル デカロゴ ヴィンテージ 1996年製造 ジッポライター zippo

ジッポの改造 スペシャルバージョン

Coexistence Of Opposing Water Repellency And Breathability, To A New Area.

Zippo ライター復元 ベトナム戦争 MEDIC 修理 - Ba Ria 72-73

COVEROSS® product is based on "Clear philosophy (Sustainavil = for the future of children)". Moreover, we will supply with a reasonable price, establishing quality, durability, brand image, excellent in design, excellent in comfortable multifunctional materials by the latest technology.

Ultimately, we put into consideration the timing of disposal of the products worn by consumers, and as much as possible use recyclable raw materials. It is necessary for each brand to cooperate and, more than anything, Cooperation (awareness) is essential.

We will continue to help bring thoughts into actions with our "consumers" for the bright future of our children. Each "change of mind" of a consumer leads to a bright future. Through "COVEROSS® technology" we believe that each and every one of you will move on to the activities for the bright future of children.


COVEROSS® ︎ is a comfortable multifunctional material developed by hap Co., Ltd. It began selling in 2016 and has been adopted for many items by various brands.
Currently we are mainly deploying four comfortable multifunctional materials.